South Africa

The Rainbow Nation

South Africa is a country of contrasts. The high energy bustle and lights of Cape Town’s city centre is forever watched over by Table Mountain. One of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, it is a sight to behold. Even though it lies so far south, it can be seen as the heart of the country.
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Travel Regions Within South Africa


The Ultimate Wildlife Destination

If you crave the thrill of a luxurious adventure safari there is nowhere that compares to the wild plains of Botswana.

The Linyanti region, where you can watch as hundreds of buffalo run through the open fields is not to be missed. There’s the white shimmering salt pans of Makgadikgadi and the unforgettable elephants of Chobe. The Chobe Region is famous for having the highest concentration of wildlife on the African continent.
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Travel Regions Within Botswana


The Land of the Brave

A country that brings us back to our roots, Namibia has a huge diversity of culture and tradition, with people whose ancestors were some of the earliest humans to walk the earth.
Here you will embark on a journey like no other.
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Travel Regions Within Namibia


Home of the Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe is full of unique and unexplored wonders. A walk outside will lead you to picturesque places where few others have been, while a paddle down the Zambezi River will leave you in the real depths of the wild.

“Smoke that thunders”, that’s what the locals call it. We know it as the Victoria Falls, but by looking at it, you might think their description is more accurate. Victoria Falls is a sight that leaves you totally awestruck, and wondering if it’s because of the power or the beauty. Probably both. It is a sight to be seen, pictures just don’t do it justice.
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Travel Regions Within Zimbabwe


The Beach Capital of Africa

The two items to pack before a trip to Mozambique would be sunscreen and a swimming costume. The country has the most picturesque, sandy beaches, covered in palm trees and filled with crystal clear, warm waters. Scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling are daily activities at any of the beachside accommodations.

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Travel Regions Within Mozambique


Zambia’s has only recently been recognised as a luxury tourist destination. With thrill seeking attractions whether you’re on the ground, in the water or bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge.

It hasn’t yet reached the point where it’s flooding with tourists. Visiting this divine country means an unforgettable experience – but not an overcrowded one. Instead the open and thriving habitat will envelop you, and the array of activities and comfortable accommodations make for a lifting experience.
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Witness the great migration

Kenya is acclaimed as one of Africa’s premier safari destinations. Holding approximately 45 million people and over 40 tribes, Kenya spans the equator and is bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. Its 550 km (341 mi) coastline to the east is lapped by the warm Indian Ocean, with its highest point being Mount Kenya (5,199 metres / 17,000 ft.)

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