Immerse Yourself in the Culture and Traditional Experience of the Bushmen

If you are looking for a genuine cultural journey across Southern Africa, an immersive experience learning first hand from native bushmen would be the way to go.

They say that the only true way to experience another culture for yourself is to immerse yourself in it. This is definitely the way that the wonders of Zimbabwe and Botswana tour creators intended its guests to do it. Read any story on Africa, and the native bushmen feature heavily. They are among the first of the native people to wander this amazing continent, telling their history from Bushman to Bushman.

The ‘Bushmen’ are considered to be the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa and are also known as the San, Khwe, and Basarwa. They are traditionally recognized as wanderers, hunters, and gatherers crossing the desert plain and harsh environment of Southern Africa. Many scientists and academics believe the Bushmen could be among some of the earth’s oldest inhabitants, their culture, traditions, and beliefs stretch back almost 20,000 years!


They have strong religious beliefs based on the animals and also the environment surrounding them. Using specialized arrows and hunting techniques, honed over centuries to an art form, the Bushmen can successfully track, hunt and stalk an animal over any terrain for days on end. Being able to speak with and visit the Bushmen people and their families is considered an almost spiritual experience by many travelers and no trip to Africa would be complete without it. You will experience firsthand how the Bushmen use their traditional cooking, and food preparation techniques, lighting fires and preparing the animals they hunt. Take part with villagers as they eat their meals together, telling stories and reliving the hunt in storytelling tradition dating back almost twenty thousand years.

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It is a one of a kind experience, sitting there around the fire, talking, and taking part in the rituals the Bushmen have been using for centuries. Each part of their lifestyle passed down from one generation to the next. You won’t ever forget it, creating memories to last you and your family a lifetime.

Pick one of your favorite itineraries. We are happy to make it happen.

Pick one of your favorite itineraries. We are happy to make it happen.

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