Challenges facing rhino as a result of poaching

The facts and challenges

Of all the environmental threats facing Africa’s rhino, from habitat loss to political upheavals preventing proper conservation, it’s poaching that’s proved the most difficult to overcome. In fact, the problem of poaching on the continent is approaching catastrophic proportions, with startling, sobering statistics revealing the sheer extent of the illegal practice today….

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African wildlife : finding economy in the living, not the dead

From the dusty plains of Namibia to the fynbos scrublands of the South African Cape, the swaying grasses of the Serengeti to the mist-topped rainforests of the Congo, the wild lands of Africa have become firmly established as one of the world’s meccas for adventure, conservation and eco-tourism in recent decades….

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The new conservation: preservation and old conservationism combined

When conservation and preservation were separate

There was a time when the ecological community was deeply split when it came to ideas of environmental protection.

Some, like the founding chief of the American Forest Service, Gifford Pinchot, wanted to see mankind co-exist sustainably within nature….

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Namibia: The Land of All Things Primeval

Sand dunes shift in the Namib Desert, and great grykes carve the earth in Brandberg.

The chiselled Spitzkoppe gnarls above the savannah, and ancient forests turned to stone emerge from the dusty ground. Meanwhile, there are haunting petroglyphs scrawled over windblown rocks in UNESCO-attested Twyfelfontein, and the great rugged undulations of Damaraland seem to go on forever….

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Expert Talk #1: Fancourt – Experience True Links Golf outside UK

South Africa has always been on the talking list among golfers, not only because of the country’s scenic landscape, friendly hospitality and wide range of activity options but also because of the superior standard of greens and links golfers would find there.

To start with the new ElementZ’s Blog section called “Expert Talk”,…

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Golf Course in South Africa: Expert’s Pick

Being Africa’s travel specialist, we frequently receive enquiries from golfers looking for the once-in-a-lifetime golfing experience in South Africa. Well this is a difficult question considering there are so many golf courses each with their unique characters, and here’s our pick among all the extremely well-crafted golf courses in SA:


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